A Rough Guide For Cuttings and Clones


A cutting is a part of a “donor” or “mother plant” that is cut off and placed in a rooting cube or rooting system where new roots are formed.  This process is cloning as it is a genetic copy of the mother plant.  


One of the benefits of cuttings is it speeds up the time needed to flower the plant in comparison to germinating seeds.  Also the prefered genetics of the mother plant are replicated giving you consistent results in terms of yield and taste.  


The first step in taking cuttings is to use sterilized equipment,  especially your cutting tool.  Our scalpels come sealed for this purpose.


Once you have selected your mother plant ensure that the plant is still in the vegetative stage.  Also try to use a healthy plant free of disease as the cutting will have the same ailment as the mother plant.  We suggest you spray the plant with Clonex Mist before you take your cuttings.


Prepare you cutting cube by soaking it in ph’d water (add some seedling feed in rockwool) and drain off any excess water.  Place your cube in a propagator with a temperature of approx 20-25° celsius and a humidity of around 80%.


Your cutting needs to have a semi hard stem and at least 3 sets of leaves.  Once cut place the stem in lukewarm water.  Then you will need to re cut the stem at a 45° angle and any large leaves need to be cut in half as they tend to wilt in the first few days.  


You will then need to use clonex rooting hormone gel to seal the cut on the bottom of the stem to promote root growth.  Then place the cutting in your cube and place inside the propagator,  spray again with Clonex Mist.  


Ensure a warm and moist environment and never allow the cube to become dry or overly wet.  Use a foliar spray of plain water or a weak solution of Formulex.  You can also re soak the cube with a light nutrient solution at the correct ph levels.  


For detailed instructions on this procedure please call our Peterborough Hydroponics store on 01733 331115 and speak to one of the team.