Who are The Grow Superstore?

We are a large hydroponic store located at Unit 6 Wulfric Square, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8RF just off junction 17 of the A47 less than ten minutes from the A1. Our focus is to deliver the best UK prices on the best products, with the right advice for our customers.

With over 5 years experience and a wide customer base, our store has developed great customer service skills. We believe in having a good relationship with our customers so we can offer them the best service. We have also built up a trust with many of our customers, something which encourages them to come back to us time and again.

With our extensive experience with running an online service, we have learnt the best ways in dealing with online orders. From ensuring that the packaging is discreet to adding additional packaging for added protection, we have removed the headaches normally associated with online shopping.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to our business, and we will do all we can to achieve this. From the moment you contact us to after you have made a purchase, we will deal with you in a careful and considered manner. We look forward to hearing from you and happy shopping!

From The Grow Superstore Team.

Introduction To Hydroponics

Hydroponics can be a daunting subject to begin with but if you follow the basic principles it can become straightforward and highly beneficial. The meaning of the word Hydroponic comes from latin and simply put means “working water”.

When you think of hydroponics most people would imagine plants growing in water but there are many techniques associated with hydroponics. The types we specialise in are, deep water culture, drip feed, ebb & flood, NFT and aeroponics.

Hydroponics uses all kinds of growing media such as rockwool, perlite, coconut fibre, clay pebbles and many more. The growing media is an inert substance that does not feed the plant but is used to hold water or to allow extra drainage, giving the roots chance to breathe.

The benefits from growing hydroponically are that the plant has to spend less energy looking for and extracting nutrients from the soil. With a balanced pH nutrient solution the roots have direct access to a highly soluble source of food, promoting faster growth.

With a little guidance and support hydroponics can be very rewarding. It is not without risk but with a little patience and the right advice the outcome can be very fruitful!

Any questions feel free to contact us.

Helpful Tips For Soil And Hydroponics

pH stability is key to a good crop, more so in hydroponics than soil. In hydroponics you need to keep the pH range between 5.5 and 6.2 to avoid nutrient lock out but 5.8 is the optimum value. For soil you need to keep the soil pH stable by keeping the soil active and allowing runoff to remove the buildup of salts from the growing media. A pH of around 6.5 is healthy for soil to function properly.

Water temperatures are vital in hydroponics and soil to maintain a plant's ability to absorb nutrients. In hydroponics a temperature range of between 18° and 20° degrees Celsius is imperative to maintain high oxygen levels. Water with low oxygen levels is a breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to root disease. Low temps can shock the roots and cause them to shut down and not feed in all forms of growing methods.

Your environment is another major factor in your grow room. The recommended temperature range is 25° when the lights are on and 20° during the dark cycle. Humidity is also a key factor as a dry grow room restricts the plants ability to breathe and therefore photosynthesize. Plenty of moisture for young plants but during flower try and keep the humidity at around 50% to avoid bud rot.